Sunday, October 26, 2008

Past Peak

There are still some pretty trees, like this one in my neighbor's yard.

But, we are mostly past peak season for the leaves changing here now.

Since winter is getting closer I spent some time today cleaning my deck and bringing in my planters. Look at this plant! Given my tendency to kill plants I think I need to go to all bachelors buttons in the planters next summer. It actually survived not just one summer and fall, but two summers, and even a winter of my neglect, and is still alive and blooming. Here it is in the corner of my garage referred to as the "plant graveyard". Hopefully it makes it through another winter.


Ame said...

ahhh ... sisters in growing things in the plant world ... or at least 'trying' to grow things in the plant world!

The Learner said...

LOL Ame....bachelor's buttons... I'm tellin' ya!

Ame said...

i'm assuming 'bachelor's buttons' are a kind of flower ;)

The Learner said...

LOL Ame, yes. Bachelor's buttons are the red flowers in the picture :)