Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Musings

My thoughts from the Super Bowl:

1. Joe get on my last nerve.

2. I have never been a Giants fan...until today.

3. MVP Eli Manning you are my new favorite person because you saved me from a year of hearing how perfect and great the New England Patriots are.

4. Jay Alford, that was a lovely sack. In fact the whole Giant's defense was amazing.

5. Can you believe Belechick left the field before the game was over? He must be hanging around with Randy Moss too much.

My favorite commercial was the one for Pepsi (was it Pepsi Max?) with all the head bobbing ala the Butabi Brothers of SNL and "A Night at the Roxbury" with an appearance from Chris Kattan. What was your favorite?

It's Fixed

In the public interest I feel that I must share this.... Groundhog Day is fixed. I have visited Goblers Knob, the scene of the crime gentle readers. I have visited Phil in his home at the Punxutawney Library. I have had the opportunity to closely examine the stump from which Punxutawney Phil emerges to predict the arrival of spring. I am sorry to report that the stump is backlit people....Of course Phil is going to see his shadow!