Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well, What Do You Know?

When I started my new blog about quilting at the suggestion of a friend to help me deal with my monumental dissertation writer's block, I don't think I actually believed that it would help. However, it has helped! I think what really helped was doing the sewing, but I think that writing about it has caused me to sew more. So, in honor of the effectiveness of quilting as a PhD facilitator-

A Quilting Haiku:

Fabric and thread in my hands
Color and pattern
Creating clear thoughts and words


Ame said...

actually, needlework is very theraputic and calming ... would probably decrease pms if we all went back to a day when time with needle and thread occupied some of our daily time :)

The Learner said...

LOL Ame, you are probably right!