Saturday, October 20, 2007

In the beginning...

I am new to the world of blogs, well, not exactly new... I have read other's blogs for a few years and tried to start my own once. That did not go so I was far from consistent.

So, why try again? Well, I am going through a period of reflection, questioning and growth of late and I want someplace to give my thoughts a voice.

What have I been reflecting on? Here is a random sample:

1. Sometimes I feel like I just don't fit in anywhere. I am a fairly conservative Christian who works in higher education. I am surrounded by people and ideas that clash with each other.

2. I don't feel at home among those who think Al Gore is brilliant and ignore the majority of climate scientists for the sake of a political agenda.

3. I don't feel at home among those who think it is righteous for church goers to condemn homosexuality while winking at materialism, vanity, and gossip. No wonder so many unbelievers say we are all hypocrites. I am thinking about this sort of thing alot lately.

4. I don't think that men are evil, even men who open doors for me.

5. I think feminism has screwed up far more than it ever resolved and even worse, that I have no idea of exactly how much it has screwed up.

6. I don't think having a PhD makes you smarter or better than anyone else (in fact I am certain working on mine has resulted in the loss of at least 10-15 IQ points).

7. I am confused by the fact that non Christian men seem to be far more interested in me as a person, attracted to me, and less critical of my body than my brothers in Christ. I am even more confused by all of the apparent "men vs. women" discussion about and among Christian singles online.

8. I think science can be amazing and enlightening but that often the media exposes the public to sound bites of research outcomes that are so agenda driven that they bear little resemblance to the raw data published in the study (like some epidemiological correlational studies about nutrition).

9. Even more depressing than #8, is that scientists themselves who are not objective, but rather collect raw data and write articles whose conclusions have no basis in that data to push an agenda.

10. As a single woman over 35 I am growing more and more tired of feeling out of place in the American Christian church where the family is the focus and single people are marginalized, pitied, and seen as threats to others' marriages.

That seems like a good place to stop, besides all that thinking is bumming me out.

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